• About Us

    BYHD Group has made the first export in 2000 and continued improving its vision day by day. BYHD group became more professional by the time on technology and human resource with the perspective of high productivity and quality.

    In 2015, BYHD group opened new companies in Holland and Germany, then by servicing to European customers in their land, improved the principal of reliability and productivity.

    BYHD Group has production for all types of weaved and knitted clothes in almost 12.000 m2 closed and fully integrated factory.

    BYHD Group plays an active role in all processes of the production by its own, from collection designing for men, women and children groups until delivery to last customer.

    BYHD Group pay attention on using the last technology in production therefore started all educational infrastructures for creating all the new collections as 3D designs to be more environmentalist, sustainable and efficient.

    BYHD Group has the “Limited Customer Satisfaction” principle. Over this high-quality production, professional and educated employees and social responsibility mentality, BYHD Group offers to its customers high level service and as a result, increases its market value day by day.